Thursday, January 29, 2009

A brief rant...

If anyone out there supports the Obama/Democrats' $819 BILLION "economic stimulus" I'd sure like to know why; what do you think this will do for our economy? Where is this money coming from? The common answer to that question is, US, the taxpayers, and that's at least somewhat correct, I'd say. But the far scarier side is that this money HAS NOT BEEN CREATED YET. IT WILL BE CREATED for this purpose. THAT means that there will be $819 BILLION flooding in. This "bail-out" and "stimulus" crap was dumb when Bush pushed for it. It's STILL dumb when Obama pushes for it. I heard mention that some of the money would go to build new houses...hopefully I heard that wrong. What the hell do we need new houses for? We've already got more houses for sale than there are people willing to buy them!

That said, I'll give Obama props on one thing: closing Guantanamo. If he does nothing else right in his time as President (and I hope that he'll wake up from this economic stupidity he's personally lobbying congress to partake in, and actually accomplish some things of real merit) then at least he's closing this awful prison. I've heard (haven't had time to read or search out specific complaints) that some Republicans are bitching about the closing of Guantanamo. But there are several reasons why I just can't support having such a prison facility.

1. As a Christian, I do not support torture in any way, shape, or form, REGARDLESS OF WHAT A PRISONER HAS BEEN ACCUSED OF. There HAVE been such instances at Guantanamo.

2. Note the all-caps above. These prisoners have NOT been convicted of ANYTHING. They are sitting in prison, with NO right to legal counsel for an indefinite period of time. As I understand it, no habeus corpus whatsoever.

3. There are no applicable laws at Guantanamo.

a. Dick Cheney (and the Bush administration with him) said that International law would not apply when it came to keeping America "safe" from terrorists--no Geneva conventions.

b. American law does not apply because technically, Guantanamo is not on American soil.

c. Castro apparently does not consider Guantanamo part of Cuba either (due to a continual lease the U.S. has had since 1903...) so Cuban law does not apply.

Therefore, if International, American, and Cuban laws do not apply, then essentially ANYTHING can happen.

I believe very much so that Dick Cheney, David Addington, and George W. Bush belong in prison. How many others with them, I am not sure. But I do know that Cheney used the UNODIR ("Unless Otherwise Directed") principle to assume far more power than any Vice President has ever had before, and that his attorney David Addington falsely justified everything Cheney wanted to do--be it torture, wage war, etc--under the Constitution, and Bush signed off on it all. Bush is not an idiot, he is a willing accomplice.

Rant over.

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  1. You should probably read Texas in Africa's blog. She's on my blogroll. You might not agree with all she says, but she's a political scientist and has said some interesting things about Bush that you might like.